Carricitos Beach

Carricitos is a free access beach with very few visitors
located 2km east of Sayulita which has a unique view
and atmosphere where the waves break on the huge
rocks found around the beach.

A special feature of Carricitos is its sand, due to the
volcanic rock that exists there, the presence of black
sand is observed. It mixes with the golden sand,
leaving beautiful landscapes which look spectacular
especially during sunset.

To pronounce correctly make sure you rrrrun your “r”.


This beach is ideal for adventurous tourists who love walks and nature,
since the journey to reach it is through cobbled paths and dirt in the
middle of the jungle where you can see different types of regional
flora and fauna.

The beach is surrounded by huge rocks where the waves break.
The tide is moderately strong so you should swim very carefully
to avoid injuries. Its waves are not the best for surfing, but you
can use a skin board or bodyboard.

How to get to Carricitos Beach

To get to this exotic beach it is necessary to travel a distance of 2 km towards the East from the town of Sayulita. The tour can be on foot, bicycle, golf cart, motorcycle or car. There are two ways to get to this beach

How to get to Carricitos Beach

Option 1

One can be done starting from the Sayulita square and head
towards the “Los Muertos beach” to pass through the middle
of the Sayulita Cemetery, one of Sayulita's unique attractions,

until you reach the entrance to Los Muertos Beach,
Take a left to continue along Calle Pescadores, a dirt road,
up the small hill. Keep left on the first intersection.

Take right on the second follow the road Niños héroes up
the hill in the middle of the jungle and follow the signs
at the crossroads.

How to get to Carricitos Beach

Option 2

The second path starts at the Sayulita plaza take Niños heroes
going straight up the coast for 2 km where there
you can find signs indicating the direction of the beach.

In this Map you can get to Carricitos Beach

From now on you can only enter on foot.

Almost at the end of the street the entrance to the beach
will be to the right of the road passing through a narrow portal,
go down the stairs and pass an arch without a door approximately
100 meters down the path you can reach the beach with a beautiful
and unique view of waves crashing on the rocks.

Please do not forget to take your garbage back to town and dispose of it properly


Enjoy Carricitos beach

Here you can swim and take a walk on the black and golden sand
beach with the sound of the waves of the sea in the background in
addition to capturing photographs and video of the natural beauty
that the State of Nayarit offers in the town of Sayulita.

Venue rating: 5 out of 5.

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