protocolos covid-19 hotel en sayulita villa los corales

COVID-19 Protocols

Sayulita Hotel Villa los Corales


We want you, our guests to feel secure while you stay at Villa los Corales, Sayulita Hotel.
We are doing our best to maintain our installations Covid-19 free for our
guests’ benefit. We are applying the Nayarit Covid-19 Protocols.

Our first objective is to make each of our guests feel safe and comfortable
during their visit. Therefore, our communication and relationship with our
guests will have the following protocols in mind.

  1.     Our total occupation has been reduced to the % stablished by the Nayarit Government official statements.
  2.     For every reservation, the room will be prepared and free at least 24 hrs prior
    to check-in to ensure the proper clean-up and disinfection.
  3.    We are taking every measure and precautions in our contact with our
    guests and between guests from different rooms. You will find pool´s and general protocols  in
    public areas to inform you.
  4.   We will encourage our guest to always be cautious and apply all protocols.  FAILING TO APPLY COVID PROTOCOLS WILL CAUSE THE RESERVATION TO BE CANCELLED AND THERE WILL BE NO REFUND.
  5.     We use a contactless and digital check-in.
  6.     The cancelations and change of dates due to Corona virus are free.

Read the details:

  1. We are applying the protocols of protection and occupancy that the government of Nayarit sets in official statements.

Our full occupancy is 44 guests in our 14 units
50% = 22 guests
75% = 33 guests

  1. Cleanliness has always been our trademark and we have taken this responsibility very seriously. Now, due to COVID-19, we are improving our procedures. Our rooms will go through a strict deep cleaning procedure and a complete disinfection of all surfaces and will be unoccupied for a minimum of 24 hours before your arrival.

For your safety and as an official rule there will be no cleaning of your room during your stay with us if it is less than 4 nights, but because we know that you care about cleanliness and want to be comfortable, we have implemented new cleaning policies to give you the best service.

  • If you visit us for more than 4 nights, we will assign you another clean and disinfected studio from the 5th night if the remaining nights are a minimum of 2 more nights (6 nights in total). This option will be according to availability for those days. If there is no availability, we will offer you the necessary implements and products to keep your room clean.
  • If you will stay with us for a maximum of 4 nights, your studio will have enough cleaning material so that you can take care of the small needs that arise. We will always be attentive if there is any other way to support you.

3.       We will take all official and necessary precautions in our contact with guests, contact between guests and precautionary measures.

You can find antibacterial gel in different areas of the building. All our staff will be monitored before going to work and will use face masks from reception to cleaning the room. The most efficient cleaning products will be used to disinfect our public areas and rooms; Likewise, cleaning products or disinfectants will be available in public areas for the personal use of guests before or after using the areas or furniture.

4.       We encourage our guests to be cautious.

Since we are all exposed, we also need you to take the necessary precautionary measures when traveling, visiting our establishment, visiting the town and being in contact with the other people you find here.

WEARING your mask, keeping a healthy distance, and washing your hands regularly.

Please take good care of yourself before traveling and if you have had contact with someone who has been diagnosed as positive or suspected for COVID-19 in the 15 days prior to your arrival date, please let us know. The responsibility to take care of ourselves belongs to everyone.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or something similar, you will have to take an official test, and that this is negative before traveling, you will have to send it to us by email along with your reservation. If you have already suffered from COVID-19 before and have a study to prove it or if you have tested negative, please attach the file to us as well.

 If due to being infected or due to quarantine you will not be able to travel, please contact us as soon as possible to help you change your reservation dates or make a cancellation, which will be free (go to point 6).
You need to know that you will have to bring your own masks and use them correctly during your stay at our facilities and during your visit to the town or the beach. The “healthy distance” should be part of our new normalyty as a community, so we ask you to always keep this in mind.
Our staff is advised to keep a healthy distance from all guests and, even if you see them little, we want you to know that they have done everything so that you do not have to worry. Your tips are greatly valued

5.       We have implemented the Digital Check-in.

So that you do not have to contact reception and / or staff at the establishment, we have launched our digital registry. If you have made your reservation through a virtual platform such as Airbanb, Booking, Homeaway etc. directly on our website or you have made your reservation by phone, you only need to contact us by the text messanger of each PLATAFORM or by WhatsApp to our phone in the “Contact section” of this page. This way we will see your reservation and the status of your payment.
Please make sure you have paid for your reservation in full at least two days before arrival so that everything goes well with your digital check-in.

We will send you the necessary entry codes for the main door and for your Studio via email or the messenger of the plataform you have used; We will include details of how to get to Villa Los Corales and how to find your studio in the building. We will always be attentive to any call from you or text message to support you in any matter for your arrival and during your stay.
The only thing that will be necessary to do upon your arrival is to allow us to measure your temperature.

6.       Cancellation policies or free date changes due to COVID-19.

Free cancellations or changes of date will only be accepted when an official COVID-19 test is presented, from either you, a family member or close contact. A change of dates will be allowed at no cost up to 3 months after the original reservation date and will only be free on the first occasion. Any additional change of dates will be charged according to company policies.

When making the change of dates, the rates, or discounts of the new dates and not of the original dates will be applied, which may imply a change in the total price.
For this reason, the change will only be totally free if when changing dates there is no change in rates.

Thanks for reading this protocol and being responsible.

We are Glad to be your hosts at Villa Los Corales. 

Your hosts,

David and Jeanette